◆Soul food of the people of Ise

 There are many restaurants around Isuzu guest house
 There are restaurants open until PM 10:00in the evening from AM 7:30 in the morning.
 Japanese foods, Soul foods, seafood, Italian and Japanese sweets etc.

・Ise Udon Noodles
<Soft,Smoothing, Bittersweet and Mysterious?>

 In Ise, when one mentins udon noodles, its Ise Udon Noodles.The dark sauce made with soy
 sauce and soup stock packs a big punch, but not to worry, because it is not as spicy as it looks.


 This dish can be traced back to ancient times when fisherman would pickle bonito they just caught
 in soy sauce and heartily kneed rice with vinegar.
 Other fish besides bonito are prepared this way seasonally.


 There is mysterious shark food culture throughout Japan.
 Often given as an offering to the Ise Jingu, large pieces of dried shark are often side dish
 that goes well with main courses. It comes two different flavors; thick cuts have a salty flavor,
 and thin cuts are given a sweet rice wine flavor.

・Mochi(Japanese sticky rice sweets)  Compare to eat

 There are many kinds of famous Mochi that tourists have enjoyed in Ise since long ago.
 You can compare different Mochi shops while walking.
 It costs about 200300yen for Mochi and Japanese tea set if you eat in the Mochi shops.

  Nikenchaya Mochi     (since 1575)
  Taiko Shusse Mochi   (since 1565)
  Akafuku Mochi       (since 1707)
  Ofuku Mochi         (since around 1744)
  Henba Mochi         (since 1775)
  Kuuya Kansuke Mochi(since 1893)
  Iwato Mochi         (since around 1914)
  Kamiyo Mochi       (since 1913)

・Convenience store. open 24 hours.

There are two places in the neigh borhood.

      Circle K ; 2 minutes on foot
      Family Mart : 6 minutes on foot

・Oharai-machi (1-minute walk from guest house)                   

 Oharai-machi is the flourishing the town in front of the Naiku of the Ise Jingu.     
 There are many shops along beautiful stone pavement in this unique town.       
 The area is filled with restaurants, souvenir, pearl jewely shops and merchant stores that
 visitors can enjoy after visiting the shrine.                    

・Naiku (8-minutes walk from guest house)                        

 Naiku has been dedicated to the Japanese guardian deity since 2000 years.          
 Naiku is the Sun God and stands on top of the gods and goddesses in Japan.      
 Amaterasu Omikami is the ancestral deity of the imperial family and she is enshrined here.

Isuzu Guesthouse

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      Mie-prefecture Japan

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Isuzu-River (1-minute walk from the guest house)                  

 The Isuzu-River is very beautiful river all year round.                
 There are cherry blossoms in the spring.                     
 You can enjoy playing in the water, and seeing the fireflies in the summer.       
 Trees aflame with red and yellow leaves in autumn.                
 The morning sun goes up from the center of the Uji Bridge built over Isuzu-River in winter.
 (It is especially sacred because Naiku is God of the sun)              

 The company name of Isuzu Motors is derived from this Isuzu-River.
Near Ise Jingu
Isuzu Guesthouse
Okage-yokochou (3-minutes walk from guest house)                 

Located in the center of Oharai-machi, Okage-yokochou is the a re-creation of the building son the road
to the Ise Jingu Shrine that date back to the Edo-Period and the Meiji-Period.The area is lined with
reataurants and souvenir shops, Japanese sweets shops(Mochi)that are distinct to Ise-Shima.
The area also has picture story and Japanese drum shows and museums about the mythology and woodprint.

Activities around Isuzu guest house