Rate table
 Type of room Price per night
A Famaled dormitory 2,900yen
B  Japanese-style private room 7,800yen/2 people
9,800yen/3 people
C  Twin private room 6,800yen
D  Private room  3,900yen
E   Booking the hole guesthouse 34,800yen 
Near Ise Jingu
Isuzu Guesthouse
Room Rates
E   Booking the hole guesthouse    34,800yen per night  Max 10 people

Japanese / English

D   Private room   3,900yen per night
     Futon (Japanese style bedding)
C   Twin private room   6,800yen per night
Futon (Japanese style bedding)
(Same price is applied even if you stay here with one person)

We accept only cash(Japanese yen), Credit card is Not Accepted.
Please pay when you check in.

 Isuzu Guesthouse

Address : 516

      10-4-1 Ujiurata Ise-shi
      Mie-prefecture Japan

   Tel : 81-70-5405-0725
E-mail  : info@isuzu-guesthouse.com
Web : http://isuzu-guesthouse.com

B   Japanese-style private room     2 people 7,800yen per night.  3 people 9,800yen per night
    Futon (Japanese style bedding)

A   Female dormitory    2,900yen per night
  A bunk bed in a 4 bedded shared room, female only. Light out 23:00 pm.