The average reqnired time from the Isuzu guesthouse

猿田彦神社 Sarutahiko-jinja shrine 2 minutes

伊勢神宮内宮 Ise jingu Naiku  4 minutes 

月読宮 Tsukiyomi no miya shrine 5 minutes

近鉄 五十鈴川駅 Isuzu-gawa station (Kintetsu Line) 7 minutes

イオン伊勢店 Super market  8 minutes

神宮神田 Jingu shinden  (Rice fields owned by Ise Jingu) 10 minutes

倭姫官 Yamatohime no Miya shrine.  15 minutes

神宮徴古館・農業館・神宮美術館  Jingu chokokan Museum・Jingu Agriculture Museum・Jingu Museum of Fine Arts.
                           15 mintutes

神宮林のおいしい湧水 金明水 Kinmeisui (Delicious spreng water in Naiku)  16 minutes

伊勢神宮外宮 Ise Jingu Geku 20 minutes

伊勢の台所 河崎 kawasaki (Old town with store houses) 27 minutes

三重県営サンアリーナ Sun Arena (Sports events concerts) 40 mintes

夫婦岩 (二見輿玉神社・二見シーパラダイス) Meotoiwa (Futami okitama-jinja shrine・Futami Sea Paradise Aquarium)
                                                                    50 mintutes
The Ise Jingu consists of two shrines: The Inner shrine (Naiku) and the Outer Shrine (Geku).

Naiku and Geku are located several kilometres apart from each other at the foot of densely wooded hills.                          

There are several museums, shrines and historical buildings along the way.

Bicycle rental is very handy if going to the shrines.

We loan bicycles here at the guest house.

There is a limited number of bicycles and we recommend reservation.

Bikes /3
Fee /500 yen/day
Distance between Shrines /3.5km
Bikes are all 20 inch with basket and gears.

Sorry, but our shop won`t accept liability for accidents and a fee will be charged if stolen, damaged or lost.                                                        

Kind Regards The management of Isuzu Guest House

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